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Suspension Systems

Outstanding Ride Quality, Vehicle Handling
and low Maintenance... In A Single Product.

VELVET-RIDE Suspension Systems use BFGoodrich’s exclusive TORSILASTIC® rubber torsion springs to literally cradle your vehicle’s chassis in rubber. The result? Shock from every direction is absorbed so your vehicle handles better, maneuvers easily and has a smoother, more enjoyable ride overall, no matter how tough the driving conditions may be.

BFGoodrich is no newcomer to providing safe, smooth rides. In fact, for over 60 years, we have designed and supplied springs and suspension systems for intercity buses, transit buses, class 8 trucks, military vehicles, conversion coaches, motorhomes and ambulances.

VELVET-RIDE Suspension Systems are available to accommodate most chassis configurations. Designs exist for solid axle, independent front and rear, tag axle, bogie axle, low floor and high floor requirements. Systems exist or can be designed to handle axle loading from 5,000 lbs to 28,000 lbs. In each case, the suspension will be tuned to the requirements of the application. 

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The VELVET-RIDE Suspension System is based on BFGoodrich’s exclusive TORSILASTIC® rubber torsion spring technology. Put simply, it’s designed with an inner steel shaft that’s surrounded by durable molded rubber and encased in a high-strength metal outer shell.

 When your vehicle is being driven, turns and bumps in the road cause the inner steel shaft to rotate in relation to the outer shell and the rubber resists this twisting. This helps ensure a smooth ride - especially when the road isn’t - until the rubber can return to its original position once the force is released.

 Unlike air springs that can only absorb vertical impact, our TORSILASTIC springs absorb impact forces and moments from every direction. In an RMS Acceleration Test, vibrations were measured at the floor of each vehicle.

 The RMS Acceleration Chart plots the RMS Acceleration level for each vehicle evaluated in the test. The higher the RMS, the less comfortable the ride. Conversely, the lower the RMS, the more comfortable the ride.

In each case, the lowest RMS was attributed to the VELVET-RIDE Suspension Systems. Which proves we offer the most comfortable ride on the road.


VELVET-RIDE also means improved maneuverability. Unlike most traditional air bag and leaf spring systems, the VELVET-RIDE Suspension System is attached outboard of the chassis frame rail to help make sure your vehicle resists swaying and stays in contact with the road- even when you need to dodge in and out of traffic.

 This uncompromising roll stability gives a driver enhanced control and added safety. Equally as important, it gives everyone on board a greater sense of comfort.

Over time, transitory vibration from all directions makes its presence known to your vehicle’s body and components. VELVET-RIDE Suspension Systems iso­late vibration below the vehicle frame rail which results in less vibration reaching your body fasteners, welded joints, window seals, seats, cabinetry, interior lights and other fixed vehicle contents.

Electronically controlled engine and transmission com­ponents will benefit from the added vibration reduction features inherent in VELVET-RIDE Suspension Systems.

The more moving parts there are, the more likely something will go wrong. With air bag and leaf spring suspension systems, the bushings, bearings, radius rods, air lines, compressors and individual leaf springs will eventually need to be repaired or replaced.

No component in the VELVET-RIDE Suspension System requires lubrication, only periodic height adjustments are necessary, and these are easily accomplished by adding or removing shims, or loosening or tightening threaded adjustment rods.

The VELVET-RIDE Suspension System is built for a long service life. Its simple and proven engineering design ensures that the VELVET-RIDE Suspension System will operate virtually maintenance free. Your vehicle will never be stranded or inoperable due to a catastrophic spring failure, which can happen when operating air bag systems.

In fact, only one thing rivals the comfort of a BFGoodrich VELVET-RIDE Suspension System: its cost effectiveness.

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